Ceramic Croquembouche

The croquembouche is the ultimate expression of extravagance and celebration. Normally designed to look spectacular for a matter of hours – this ceramic croquembouche will remain perfect for hundreds of years. The aim of this piece is to capture a moment of perfection – where the cream hasn’t yet melted and the chocolate oozes pleasingly … Continue reading Ceramic Croquembouche

Ceramic Cookies

These sumptuously tempting cookies are more than they first appear. In fact, they’re not made of the soft and crunchy dough which could be expected, but a harder, more permanent medium – clay.

Although these seem an initially tempting prospect, close inspection will sour you appetite considerably. Continue reading Ceramic Cookies

Ceramic Macarons

This first batch of ceramic macarons were made possible by testing about 40 different glaze recipes to find glazes which were just right.

The ‘cream’ filling texture is created by the use of ceramic engobe in order to achieve a semi-gloss finish. Continue reading Ceramic Macarons