Aftermath Series

The Aftermath pieces are a joyful celebration of moments past, captured in the present. The primary colours and decorative sprinkles hark back to parties once partied, and cakes once devoured. They are hand thrown in porcelain, and each design is completely unique.   Continue reading Aftermath Series

Melt Mugs

These ‘Melt Mugs’ have been a way to translate my gloriously gooey glaze into a piece of homeware which provides a totally tactile experience. They come in 5 “flavours”: Raspberry; Dark Chocolate; Custard; Pistachio and Blueberry. Continue reading Melt Mugs

Lemon Meringue Vessels

Inspired by the luscious dessert of the same name, these ‘Lemon Meringue Vessels’ reflect all the same colours and textures, only they’re not edible. These are hand-thrown in porcelain, and the ‘cream’ is piped according to the pots sensibilities. The ‘cream’ is then delicately hand painted in 24 carat gold lustre. Continue reading Lemon Meringue Vessels

Ceramic Croquembouche

The croquembouche is the ultimate expression of extravagance and celebration. Normally designed to look spectacular for a matter of hours – this ceramic croquembouche will remain perfect for hundreds of years. The aim of this piece is to capture a moment of perfection – where the cream hasn’t yet melted and the chocolate oozes pleasingly … Continue reading Ceramic Croquembouche

Ceramic Cookies

These sumptuously tempting cookies are more than they first appear. In fact, they’re not made of the soft and crunchy dough which could be expected, but a harder, more permanent medium – clay.

Although these seem an initially tempting prospect, close inspection will sour you appetite considerably. Continue reading Ceramic Cookies